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HMD/Contact Post

How's my Misaka Worst? Is she the-- well, I'm sure you know where I'm going with this! Comments will be screened and let's remember to keep things civil.

You can also use this post to get in contact with me if I'm not on AIM or Plurk.


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1st Outlet

[A. PHONE - 1765 Beaver Street]

[As the phone cuts on, you'll hear some silence, then some snickering that turns into full blown laughter.]

Gyahahahaha! Haah... haha... haah... M-Misaka can't believe it! This is... Gyahaha! It's already been five minutes and Misaka is already annoyed of this dump. Has Misaka stepped her way into a cheesy horror movie? If you're gonna hold Misaka hostage, then at least give me some fun video games to play. To be honest, Misaka thought that this housing structure had gone the way of the dinosaurs already. [And there's a beat as if you could see her face actually curling up into a evil little smile.] ... But putting this Misaka's inputs on the need for home improvements aside...

... If you've seen a guy with white hair, red piercing eyes and a scowling expression... Tell Misaka where he is and Misaka miiiight consider giving you something for your precious hard work. You'll be a very big help to Misaka if you tell her where Mister Snowflake is. [And with that, she hangs up the phone.]

[B. ACTION - Bodine Fashion]
[ You might notice that she looks awfully similar to A Certain Tsundere Electromaster except she looks more older and well... has boobs.]

Misaka's dress wasn't on her whenever she woke up, so it looks like Misaka is gonna have to compensate! [And you would think that she would stop to look at dark leather clothing to suit a bad girl like her, but she actually has her eye on a cute red polka dotted dress.]

Jeez... Why do people even bother putting clothes up for sale when you could just take 'em off the rack, bolt out the door and be done with it? It's not like these primates have security cameras around, so what's stopping this Misaka Worst from committing an innocent little felony~? [It looks as if she's taking the dress off the hanger and is about to walk out of the shop. Stop her?]

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